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Runway Edge High Intensity Bi-Directional Elevated Light AMA AUN - 942


ICAO : In full compliance with figs. 2.10 and 2.11 of Annexure 14, July 1990 edition for use in Category I, II and III on runways up to 60 meters wide.

FAA : In full compliance with FAA L-862 Specifications AC No. 150/ 5345- 46A.


  • Bi-directional high intensity Runway Edge Lighting for Categories I, II and III.
  • Medium intensity Threshold and Runway End Lighting with appropriate colour filters

Special Features

  • State-of-the-Art Optical Design permits use of either 150W or 200W pre-focus halogen lamp.
  • High Intensity Guidance to a pilot landing or taking off in either direction.
  • Omni-directional Light Output provides circling guidance.
  • Energy Efficient 150W lamp achieves full compliance with ICAO.

    Special Features:
    1. energy features
    2. reduced heat

  • Lamp with Rated Life of 1,000 hours at full intensity reduces maintenance. Built-in-precision lamp holding base ensures repeatable photometrics.
  • Outer Dome features smooth outer surface which remains dirt-free and enables easier cleaning.
  • Inner Prismatic Lens serves as 180º Coloured Filter, if required. It is available in clear, green, red and yellow.
  • Lenses on Hinged Arrangement which allows quick and easy lamp changing without any tools.
  • Sturdy and Non Corrosive Construction: Die-cast aluminium alloy frangible body and all stainless steel hardware.


  1. 360° Clear Outer Dome
  2. Neoprene Rubber Gasket
  3. 360° Inner Lens or two 180° Filters
  4. Neoprene 'O' Ring Seal
  5. Lens Clamping Band with Securing Knobs
  6. Pre-focus Halogen Lamp
  7. Hinged Lens Holding Upper Body
  8. Die-cast Aluminium Alloy Frangible Body
  9. 14" Moulded Secondary Lead

The outer and inner lenses are of special heat resistant pressed glass and are resistant to thermal shock. The die-cast aluminium alloy body is finished in stove enamel aviation yellow. Heat and weather resistant neoprene rubber gaskets are provided to seal the complete assembly. The entire hardware is of stainless steel. A special aluminium lens clamping ring is provided with thumb screws, so that no tools are required for changing outer lenses. The entire lens assembly is hinged to the body so that lenses remain undisturbed during re-lamping. All sub-assemblies are keyed to ensure correct alignment when reassembled. Each light is equipped with a 14" long secondary lead as per FAA L-823. The light is mounted on a breakable coupling which is common for all AMA light fittings. The entire fitting is designed to withstand heat and jet blast forces.


The AMA AUN Runway Edge Light Fitting can be installed on a Transformer Housing Box using the standard AMA base plate (Figure 1) or onto a pipe elbow (Figure 2). The light can be leveled and aimed in azimuth with the custom-made aiming device supplied on request.


  • Aiming Device
  • Base Plate
  • Transformer Housing Box
  • Secondary Lead of additional length
  • Day light Marker Cone
  • Blanking Shield


Packing Data
Net Weight: 2.6 Kgs.
Dimensions (mm):
in cardboard box
340 x 220 x 220

Note : Inner Lenses and Lamps are packed separately