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Manufactured in collaboration with Idman, Finland.

ICAO : In full compliance with Annexure 14, July 1990 edition

FAA : In full compliance with AC 150 / 5345-28D.

Photometric Performance

The light distribution is achieved with either of the following lamps:

  • Three 200W 6.6A pre-focus halogen Pk 30d base lamps. Average rated life of 1,000 hours
  • Three 200W 6.6A pre-focus halogen J1/39 bi-pin lamps. Average design life of 1,200 hours.

The key features are:

  • Peak Intensity of White Light is 141,000 candelas.

  • Light output in entire main beam (+/- 5 horizontal) is in excess of 85,000 candelas.

  • The colour transition between red and white occurs at a vertical angle of 2.5...3 minutes.

  • PAPI with only 2 lamps operating (one lamp fused) still has a peak intensity of 101,000 candelas.

Special Features

  • Specially Designed: To suit the varied and extreme environmental conditions encountered under the most stringent situations. This includes wind loadtesting upto 200 kms. per hour and rigidity testing as mandated by FAA.

  • Small and Aesthetic Design: The contours are smooth and aerodynamically designed to reduce the effects of wind and jet blast.

  • Sturdy Construction: Folded aluminium hosing and cover which are non corrosive and distortion free. The support legs and mounting plates are of special aluminium alloy and are totally frangible. The legs are vertically adjustable and do not need to be cut to size. Each leg has a top and bottom breakable coupling to minimize damage to the aircraft in the event of any mishap. Since all parts are of aluminium, stainless steel and optical glass, the PAPI unit is totally corrosion proof.

  • Simple Preadjusted Optical Assembly: It consists of 3 sets of anodized aluminium reflectors, 200W lamps, red filters and lenses attached to a common chassis. Excellent photometric output and sharp transition are achieved with a single lens system.

  • Toughened Front Glass: It protects the optical assembly from sand blasting and driving rain.

  • Reduced Maintenance: The housing is completely gasketed and is thus dustproof. A separate air filter keeps the optics clean under all conditions ensuring reliable light distribution. All optical components can be replaced without need for recalibration. Lamps and filters can be changed without any tools.









Aluminium Cover 12 Lamp Holding Fixture
Aluminium Housing 13 Heat Sink
Neoprene Rubber Gasket 14 2 Core Secondary Cable with 2 Pin Plug
Toughened Front Glass 15 Upper Breakable Coupling
Air Filter 16 Upper Leg Pipe, left hand thread
Lens 17 Locking Nut, left hand thread
Lens Frame 18 Threaded Adjustment Sleeve
Red Filter 19 Locking Nut, right hand thread
Red Filter Retaining Clip 20 Lower Leg Pipe, right hand thread
Aluminium Reflector 21 Lower Breakable Coupling
Pre-focus 200W 6.6A Halogen Lamp 22 Base Plate


Each PAPI unit should be installed at the same height on a concrete foundation. The size and depth of the foundation depends on the type of soil. The standard support legs are capable of height adjustment of 100mm in case the ground slopes at the location of the PAPI. Before installing the unit, the four support legs must be anchored in the foundation using the custom-made positioning frame supplied with each PAPI unit.

The PAPI units are supplied with three 2.5 meter long L-823 two-pin secondary leads and are connected to the 6.6A series circuit through 200W isolating transformers. The transformers should be placed inside a housing box.


Basic alignment is achieved using the support legs. The fine elevation adjustment is then made by means of the leveling screws on the support pillar of the optical assembly chassis. An inclinometer and a precision spirit level are both supplied in the standard tool kit. If requested, four pre-set angle platforms can be provided instead of an inclinometer.


  • Tool Kit with Inclinometer and Precision Spirit Level
  • Checking Stick and Base Plates
  • Tilt Switch (on request)
  • 50W Heater (on request)

Packing Data
Net Weight: 39 Kgs.
Gross Weight : 43 Kgs.
Dimensions (mm):
in cardboard box
1010 x 720 x 295