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Cat-II AFLS at CSI Airport, Mumbai << Back

  • In 2003, AMA completed the turnkey Cat II project for Mumbai’s main runway in a record time of 5 months. This was done well ahead of the airport’s monsoon deadline.

  • The job included dismantling of the existing lighting system and supply and installation of 640 Inset Lights on the 09-27 runway after it had been resurfaced.

  • The most challenging aspect of the job was working on the intersection of the 09-27 main runway and the 14-32 secondary runway. While the intersection was made available by the airport, the secondary runway was closed down and the primary runway was severely restricted because of the reduced length.

  • A total of 68 inset lights had to be dismantled and new lights had to be reinstalled with secondary cables in the shortest possible time. AMA achieved this work in less than 12 working hours.