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Approach, Threshold, Runway End High Intensity Elevated Light AMA APN - 952


ICAO : In full compliance with Fig 2.1 of Annexure 14, July 1990 edition for use in Precision Approach Runway Categories I, II, and III.

FAA : In Full compliance with FAA E-982 Specifications.


  • Uni-directional high intensity light for precision Approach Lighting Categories I, II and III.
  • Threshold and Wing Bar Lighting Categories I, II and III.
  • Runway and Stopbar Lighting.

Special Features

  • State-of-the-Art Optical Design:
    Reduces life cycle cost using a 100W or 200W, 1,000 hour halogen lamp. Built-in precision lamp holding base ensures repeatable photometrics.

  • Light Weight Aluminium Construction:
    Weighs only 2.4 kgs.

  • Frangible Body on Hinged Arrangement:
    Allows quick and easy lamp changing without touching the optics.

  • Sturdy and Non Corrosive Construction:
    Diecast aluminium alloy frangible body and all stainless steel hardware.

  • Accurate Angle Adjustment:
    In azimuth and horizontal plane with two screws and graduated degree scale.

Optical Assembly

The AMA - APN Approach Light is suitable for use with a pre-focus 200W or 100W halogen lamp. An anodized aluminium reflector along with a borosilicate front glass refractor achieves the required photometrics.


  1. Lens Clamping Band with Neoprene Rubber Gasket
  2. Front Glass (Clear or Coloured)
  3. Anodized Aluminium Reflector
  4. Die- cast Aluminium Alloy Body
  5. Pre-focus Halogen Lamp
  6. Lamp Holding Aluminium Body
  7. Moulded Secondary Lead

The die-cast aluminium alloy body is finished in stove enamel aviation yellow. Heat and weather resistant neoprene rubber gaskets are provided to seal the complete assembly. All hardware is of stainless steel. The entire lens assembly is hinged to the body so that all optics remain undisturbed during relamping. A slip fitter with pressure screws ensures easy and accurate angle adjustment in azimuth and horizontal planes. Each light is equipped with a secondary lead as per FAA L-823. The light is mounted on a breakable coupling which is common for all AMA light fittings. The entire fitting is designed to withstand heat and jet blast forces.


The AMA APN Approach Light Fitting can be installed on a Transformer Housing Box using the standard AMA base plate (Figure 1) or onto a safety mast using a hinged AMA base plate (Figure 2). Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the light can be carried out with the custom-made aiming device supplied on request.


  • Aiming Device
  • Hinged Base Plate
  • Transformer Housing Box
  • Secondary Lead of non-standard length
  • Safety Mast


Packing Data
Net Weight: 2.4 Kgs.
Dimensions (mm):
in cardboard box
250 x 220 x 220